Saturday: Migratory Bird Festival in Tok

Tomorrow, Saturday, from 11am to 3pm will be the Migratory Bird Festival at the Tok Memorial Park.

This event is part of a larger international event. Here are some tips from The Nature Conservancy on 5 ways to get ready for International Migratory Bird Day:

1. Become a birder in 4 easy steps.

2. Take their bird identification quiz.

3. Find a spot to bird or share your own favorite birding spot. 

4. Send a bird e-card to your friends and family. 

5. Share photos of your favorite birds. 

What are you doing for International Migratory Bird Day?

Bird activity content from The Nature Conservancy.
Photos from 2010 Migratory Bird Festival in Tok. 

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  1. Janet Vettese Breithaupt

     /  May 14, 2011

    from Plymouth Mi remembering my dear brother and friend who once hichiked all the way to AK with his friend George Pine. My brother has passed a while ago but I still have his log book. I was wondering if George is possibly the same one who owns the sawmill in Tok. I’m finally getting to AK for a visit to Anchorage and would love to contact him if it is the same person. Please pass this on for me…………..


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