Living in Tok Blog on Day To Day on NPR!

The interview I recorded yesterday was aired this morning on the wonderful news show Day To Day (a partnership between NPR and I spoke with Noah Adams. He asked me all sorts of things about the weather here in Tok. Yesterday, we were pushing -78 and today -70.

You can listen to it later this afternoon at:

For those of you checking Weather Underground for temps in Tok, the main Tok link they use is NOT accurate. Possibly correct for the crossroads area of “town,” but for those of us blocks away, the temps are not measurable on our thermometers.

On Weather Underground, try choosing APRSWXNET or Turks on the Tundra as the weather source and watch the temps measured drop by at least 10 degrees below what the main temp reads.

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Tok Weather Forecast on Weather Underground

I’ve been told that Weather Underground is the best source of Tok weather updates. Most other sites tend to show Tok is warmer than it actually is. For example, says:

Feels Like

But on Weather Underground it says:

-47.0 °F
Partly Cloudy
Windchill: -47 °F

Of course, at our house, the thermometer is still set right at -60 since that is as far as it goes. I am now searching for a thermometer that will show even colder temps.

And for next week, things are looking even…DRUMROLL PLEASE…colder…


Got any cold weather tips for us?

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