As Summer Warms Our Bones…

Let us not forget the winters. Makes our summers that much sweeter…

How is your summer going so far?

The Tok Report – Car in Cold Weather

I’m playing around with Seesmic and seeing if my DSL connection will handle it. Here’s a little clip I just made about cold weather and vehicles. (I wish I could embed the video but doesn’t seem to allow it.)

Click for Video


What are YOUR cold weather vehicle stories?

Driving Through Tok in the Minus 60s (or Colder)

Yesterday, I did a quick little video as I was driving to the Tok General Store. By the way, yesterday morning was minus 71 (at least), and we had 4 hours and 27 minutes of daylight. Don’t even want to do the math on how much dark we had.

NOTE TO SELF: It will only get lighter and lighter each day. Lighter and lighter. Lighter and lighter.


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