Passing Through Tok: Raimo Laosma

I was headed to Three Bears for some groceries and saw a bicyclist in front of the store who seemed like he had been traveling quite a ways.

“Where are you coming from or going?” I asked.

“Estonia,” he replied.

Turns out, Raimo Laosma has been on the road since September 20, 2010. He drove from Estonia through Europe to Lisbon, Portugal, then came across to the States on the East Coast. After going North into Canada and then back down through New York City, he headed south then west through Texas, up the West Coast into Canada. And today he was passing through Tok on his way to Anchorage.

Raimo aka Fujimees (Fuji Man) has a blog called Fujimees and a Facebook Page where you can keep up with his travels (you can use Google Translate to translate from Estonian). He uses his AT&T connection on his Nokia N97 to navigate as he travels and to update his blog and Facebook page.

We chatted a few minutes, and he let me take a few photographs before we both went on our way. Before he headed to Youngs Chevron, he looked down at his odometer.

“22326 kilometers,” he said.

After Anchorage, he is flying to Siberia and riding home from there.

Here is Raimo’s ROUGHLY translated Facebook post from today (he refers to the Migratory Bird Festival that I told him about – I sure hope they have food as I mentioned to him. Otherwise, I’ll probably buy him lunch!):

I sincerely hope that it is 13, and Friday was my last winter trip day! 2x yesterday managed to see a bear and two riders in the morning a young man from Canada, Japan, and after one more child. And to my great joy turned to the favorable winds in the afternoon. There is Tok-opening of the festival and look forward to! (Provided free meals)

Over 260,000 people pass through Tok each summer.

Who have you met so far coming through Tok?