Thai Food in Tok

Thai food
Image by Ya-Yin via Flickr

I just ordered take out from Jen’s Thai Food, a new local caterer in town. And it was fantastic! Even my husband, who is not a big fan of spicy food, thoroughly enjoyed Jen’s Pad Thai, fried rice and fresh rolls as did our toddler.

This is what I really love about Tok – there are these “hidden” and unexpected things that happen here. A concert-quality Steinway. An eclectic and very talented writers group. A book club focused on books about outdoors, nature, wildlife. Interesting and kind people. These nuggets that you really have to pay attention to find.

The business is a little more than a week old, and the response has been tremendous. What a neat enterprise in our own back yard!

If you’d like to order some delicious, freshly-prepared Thai food, call up Jen’s at 883-3362.

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