Trying to Get a Package in Tok

Trying to get something to Tok, especially by FEDEX, is an ongoing struggle. Without a number on our house, it’s hard to get a package and most computer systems don’t want to accept our P.O. Box number. Most people I speak with can’t even believe our addresses are P.O. Boxes unless they live or have lived in a rural area.

Yes, we walk or drive to the Post Office every day to get our mail except Sunday.

I even had a hard time getting a credit card because the bank didn’t believe I was a U.S. Citizen because what American doesn’t have a number on their house!

Right now, I’m trying to have an empty box delivered from Apple for my broken Time Capsule so I can ship it back to get it repaired. I provided my fake address because Apple uses FEDEX and FEDEX won’t take P.O. Box numbers (using the mileage from the Alaska Highway along with the P.O. Box number as part of the address).

The box went to someone in Tok but they called Apple to say they didn’t ask for it and then returned it. I need to find out who the folks are who deliver FEDEX packages – they aren’t in FEDEX trucks or uniforms. It is usually a woman in a little hatchback. Anyone know how I can reach her?

I know getting things from sites like Amazon isn’t a problem because they ship UPS. It’s FEDEX that seems to be an issue in Tok. Once I have the package ready to go back to Apple via FEDEX, I think I actually have to go to the Post Office to send it, but I need to check on that.

Any other suggestions on how to get packages when systems spit out P.O. Box numbers?