The Holy Spirit Rider Comes to Tok – Today…?

Pastor, cyclist and recreation coach Lowell White, is passing through Tok as part of a 6,000 mile, cross-country cycling mission to build community and inspire hope.

Lowell, who is 68 years of age, is riding from Fairbanks Alaska to the Florida Keys to proclaim the message that the Lord placed on his heart, that “the Holy Spirit is here.” Lowell is operating by faith that his message of encouragement will resonate with communities across the country, touching folks of all faith backgrounds.

Lowell is expected ride into Tok sometime this evening or tomorrow. Word of his mission precedes him, as a church in Fairbanks contacted the Tok Assembly of God which we understand will be helping to arrange accommodations. That is exactly how this ride is designed to unfold, virally from community to community. That’s how the Gospel was spread in early times.

Today, the word is spread with the assistance of technology and community is built with Facebook and twitter. Lowell is fully wired and makes daily blog posts, tweets and video updates from the road. He is able to share the local story from each town he visits along the way, the lives he touches and the lives that touch him.

Share Lowell’s journey online at for video updates, uplifting blog posts and breaking news. Join Lowell’s support team and be part of something great that is happening now! Follow the Spirit Rider online at

For more information and to reach Lowell’s Spirit Rider Support Team, please call David 661-341-6569.

Hey Tok-ites! Let’s give this gentleman a warm Tok welcome plus a warm meal and shelter for the night.