And For Those Who Need Proof…Minus 80 Degrees F

This is a shot of the weather station temp gauge at the Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge offices in Tok, Alaska.


I’m still looking for a thermometer for the house that will register lower than -60 degrees. Any ideas?

Driving Through Tok in the Minus 60s (or Colder)

Yesterday, I did a quick little video as I was driving to the Tok General Store. By the way, yesterday morning was minus 71 (at least), and we had 4 hours and 27 minutes of daylight. Don’t even want to do the math on how much dark we had.

NOTE TO SELF: It will only get lighter and lighter each day. Lighter and lighter. Lighter and lighter.


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Burying the Needle in Tok Alaska


Me: How cold is it this morning?

Husband: I think it is 60 below.

Me: Think? Did you check?

Husband: I did but the needle is buried.

Me: Under snow?

Husband: No. Haven’t you ever heard the expression “Bury the needle?”

Me: Err…no.

Husband: Oh, you must not have been a teenage boy in Montana.

Me: Not that I know of.

Husband: You know, racing your dad’s Pontiac and getting up past 120 miles per hour. It only went up to 120. If you went past that, you were burying the needle.

Me: Is it colder than 60 below?

Husband: Could be. It buried the needle.

What To Do in Tok When It is Nearing 50 Below Zero

Here is an example of what kids do in Tok when it is too cold to go outside…


Here’s an example of what grownups should NOT do when it is nearing 50 below…


…that is, don’t leave your wine stash in the pickup truck outside in the winter in Tok…