Tundra Telegraph – Let’s Put Tok on the Social Media Map!

There is an interesting new site by Alaskans for Alaskans (and the rest of the world, of course). Tundra Telegraph is part of AlaskaDispatch and gives Alaskans the opportunity to create content. I know we have some excellent writers, photographers and videographers here in Tok so it would be great to see some of you contributing to this new site.

Here’s a press release explaining the project:

Alaska Dispatch announces launch of TundraTelegraph.com

AlaskaDispatch.com, the state’s online news source, announced Thursday the launch of TundraTelegraph.com, a new Web site entirely dedicated to Alaskans to tell their stories through words, videos and photos.

Jennifer Canfield, who worked previously as news director at 90.3 KNBA-FM in Anchorage, is the editor of Tundra Telegraph. She will actively reach out to Alaskans to encourage them to share content, including distributing video cameras across the state to those who want to serve as citizen journalists in their regions. Canfield and the Dispatch’s staff of experienced journalists will provide storytelling guidance and training directly to participants, enabling them to cover their communities themselves, rather than relying on outside news organizations’ quick-hit “parachute journalism.”

Tundra Telegraph is an ambitious project, one that harkens back to the roots of Alaska Dispatch. When the Dispatch first started in mid-2008, it depended on Alaskans to share stories. Tundra Telegraph builds on the Dispatch’s mission of citizen journalism.

While Tundra Telegraph is for all Alaskans, the Dispatch is working extra hard to give voice to rural residents. Rural Alaska has long suffered from a lack of media coverage due to financial, logistical and cultural challenges facing both the state’s media and the remote parts of the state. This has contributed to an ever-deepening urban-rural divide. Tundra Telegraph aims to knock down those barriers and spur discussion.

“I come from a generation of Alaska Natives who are searching for who they are and what it means to be Alaska Native,” Canfield says. “I also come from a generation of native Alaskans who are worried about the future of our home state. For me, Tundra Telegraph is a place to explore both sides of who I am. I hope it becomes something equally meaningful for you.”

ABOUT: With a staff of a dozen experienced reporters and editors, AlaskaDispatch.com is committed to telling the story of Alaska. In addition to reporting on statewide news, events and culture, Alaska Dispatch strives to provide thoughtful analysis of Alaska issues, as well as diverse opinion and insight from a broad range of contributors.

Who do you know in Tok who could be a great contributor to share what is happening in our area?