Passing Through Tok Today

This is Vladamir. He says he is 58, a filmmaker, and has been bicycling around the world for the last seven years. Says he’s on his 4th bike and 12th pair of shoes. He passed through Tok today on his way to Anchorage, driving 60 miles a day.

“60 miles a day, 7 years, over 40,000 miles,” he said through a heavy Russian accent.

He gave me permission to take his picture, but when I asked his permission to record a quick interview, he said it would cost $15, and he’d throw in a DVD. I didn’t have cash, and he didn’t accept credit cards.

Who have you met recently passing through Tok?

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  1. i love that you engaged with someone just passing through…living the social…being the authentic…one human heart connecting with another…we humans have been doing this for a few millenium:) glad to learn of his biking endeavors…did you talk with him about apps for his mileage? 🙂


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