Fun at Mukluk Land

I can’t believe I’ve been in Tok over a year and a half and didn’t get to Mukluk Land sooner. What is Mukluk Land, you ask? It is hard to explain exactly but it is definitely a tourist attraction in Tok and definitely worth checking out. Even photos don’t do this place justice, but here are a few to whet your appetite!

Have you been to Mukluk Land? Share the pics!

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  1. Hey there! Just wanted to say that I’ve been reading your blog since 2008. Decided to delurk and say those dolls would probably give me nightmares if I viewed the display in person!

  2. i know right!! therer used to be a cabin full of those dolls and now there is a house there full of the dolls! it reminds me of this movie i saw when i was little about dolls that came alive at night or something….freaky.

  3. i love mukluk land!


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