VFW Closed?

Spent this past weekend going through our 4-year-old’s room with her and guiding her to making choices about the things she wants to keep and what we could give to VFW. We explained that there are children less fortunate than she who could really use some nice clothes or toys or books and that we have to be generous and give to others. This was a much less “dangerous” lesson than teaching her to pick up litter – nobody was injured in the process of cleaning her room, thank goodness.

But when we got to VFW, there was duct tape across the doors and a sign saying it was closed until further notice. The note also asked that nobody leave boxes of items in front. So we brought everything home.

We have loads of size 2T and some 3T girl clothing – some of it is unisex. We also have size 6 and 7 toddler shoes including Crocs. And some toys suitable for 2 years and under. If anyone knows someone in our community in need, please let us know. Otherwise, we may just swing by the Fourth of July garage sale in front of The General Store and sell a few things.

Does anyone know what happened to VFW, when it might reopen, or what we can do to help?

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