Hit My Head One Night

I hit my head Monday night. It was an accident, of course. My husband and I were teaching our 3 year old daughter to pick up trash around our house. I bent over to pick up some trash, stood up and WHAM! It took me a minute to figure out what had happened. Then the right side of my face felt numb and talking seemed a struggle. I called out to my husband who was down the road using a voice from my chest. He came running. I was stunned but finally was able to say that I hit my head.

There was very little blood. It was more of a contusion and abrasion and barely scraped my scalp. I felt weird but the pain was manageable. I went inside and called it a day.

The next day, as I was working, my right arm and hand went tingly then numb. I had trouble typing. I was feeling sharp, intermittent pain in my right temple, the side of my face, the other side of my head than where the pole hit. I got worried.

So I told my husband that I thought I should go to Fairbanks to the hospital. He had something at work that he didn’t think he could easily move so I told him I felt good enough to drive myself. Wednesday morning I started on a careful drive to Fairbanks.

Seven miles outside of Delta Junction, I felt a rush of blood to the top of my head and began to feel faint. I pulled into the Visitor’s Center and asked about a medical clinic. I went there and told them I had hit my head and was feeling strange. A doctor checked me out and said she couldn’t find anything but felt strongly that I should get a CT scan.

“We should Medevac you,” she said.

I refused. I just couldn’t see getting into a helicopter willingly. Fear of flying.

“Don’t you have something with wheels? On the ground?” I asked.

I had to wait two hours for an ambulance to return from Fairbanks to pick me up.

When the EMT looked in on me, I was relieved to see a familiar face – Timothy Langdon from the Tok Clinic. The drive to Fairbanks was bumpy but uneventful as Timothy tested me for neurological responses.

The wait in the ER room in Fairbanks was typical. The CT scan was quick and efficient and the doctor said it was clear.

He explained that the pain I felt was from muscles spasms because of the trauma to the connective tissue between my skin and skull. There was no damage beneath the skull. There was no visible damage to my neck, however, the tingly numbness in my arms could have been a pinched nerve from the force pushing my head down into my neck.

Peace of mind.

Before I got to Fairbanks, I used Twitter to ask for help once I was there. One woman generously picked up some Thai food for me, picked me up from the hospital, then brought me to the home of another woman who let me stay in her guest room. The next morning, the first woman picked me up, took me shopping for a few things in town, then drove me back to Delta Junction to my car. I would have been stranded if it weren’t for Twitter. Thank you to everyone who offered to help and to the awesome women who did.

Got home Thursday night after a careful drive in beautiful weather. Not exactly the kind of road trip I’d want to repeat.

And it was so good to be home.

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  1. Little Bird

     /  May 23, 2010

    I’m glad you’re OK, Aliza and that Twitter friends helped you. Don’t you fly a lot for your job and how do you manage or was it just that it was a helicopter? There’s good and specific help for this kind of fear, probably at an Anchorage Clinic – you don’t have to live with it all your life.

  2. jr

     /  May 23, 2010

    Wishing you well! I always enjoy your blog. jr

  3. So glad it wasn’t serious. I think it is great how Twitter connects people. I am using Facebook now. I am on Twitter, but I don’t use it much yet. I am learning.

    I am moving to Tok this summer. We are starting a Christian school next fall. I hope to meet you some time. I enjoy reading your blog.


  4. deborah

     /  May 24, 2010

    Aliza, glad to hear you are okay. Must have been very frightening for you and your loved ones. How did you use twitter to find the assistance you needed? This information might be helpful for others. I don’t use twitter, (no cell, ipod, etc.) so have no idea how you accomplished what you needed.
    Again, glad to hear you are okay and home safe.

  5. Aliza and that Twitter friends helped you.

  6. Nurse Timmy

     /  May 27, 2010

    Oh good, everything worked out, so relieved. You know, we take so many things for granted every day. Once in a while something knocks us sidewayz and gets our attention, reminding us that life is precious. So, we might as well live each day as a blessing and be thankful.

  7. The Bait Man

     /  May 27, 2010

    Homer, Alaska here. We love your blog & are happy your ok. Alaskans Rock when it comes to helping each other out.

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