KUAC and NPR Are Down for the Count in Tok

Yes, our radio connection to the world is down. That means no KUAC and no NPR in Tok right now. You can’t imagine the sinking feeling each time we turn on the radio in the morning (we always have our breakfast to the dulcet tones of NPR correspondents) or when we flick on our car radios. At our house, we’ve resorted to running KSKA radio via an iPhone placed in the middle of the dining room table. It works in a pinch, but it isn’t the same.

The wonderful and tireless folks at Duct Tape Radio and Humanities Forum are working hard to get a satellite part. In the meanwhile, we’re all keeping our fingers crossed for signal soon. Here’s their note on the Duct Tape Facebook Page about the situation:

Hey, Duct Tape Members and Friends. This is your president speaking. We are working to get 91.1/KUAC broadcast on the air as soon as possible. I know, I know … it’s Saturday morning and no Scott Simon! No Car Talk! How can life go on?! In the meantime try listening to KUAC at http://www.KUAC.org.

Here’s hoping we get our KUAC again, and soon. Let us know what we can do to help!

Are you missing your KUAC in Tok?

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  1. Bill

     /  April 28, 2010

    It will get worse… in June the Loran station will officially decommission and the crew will leave.

    The AFRN radio is broadcast from there. So…it will be turned off as well.

  2. belalaszlo

     /  May 9, 2010

    i dont think you know what ” down for the count” means. you made it sound like npr is not coming back to tok

    • Down for the count means that something is almost over, almost defeated, and there is a countdown and if they don’t get up, it might be over.

      Down for the count doesn’t mean “not coming back” but it does mean down.

      The count took place, and that fighter got back up and started fighting again. KUAC seems to be back on the air.

      Fighting strong.

  3. anon

     /  May 9, 2010

    no, down for the count means that the fight is over, that the fighter is down for the 10 count. an old old boxing term

  4. LOL. OK, you can use whatever definition you’d like.

    The count for boxing is 10. Being down for the count means the boxer is down during that count. He could get up during the count and get back in the match. He could remain down and then be out of the match.

    Lucky for us, KUAC and NPR were down for the count but not out.

  5. anon

     /  May 10, 2010

    good god do you make this up as you go along? down for the count means the fight is over, regardless of what you want it to mean after you use the term. talk to anyone who has boxxed, oh yeah you do not associate with anyone like that. must be nice to reinvent things to suit your needs

  6. I researched the meaning and while technically it means/meant how I used it, when it went mainstream as a non-boxing expression it began to mean as you are defining it, as the end of something.

    I am happy to associate with boxers as well as people who have nothing better to do than argue about semantics on a blog. I’m an EO Blogger.


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