So what do you DO in Tok?

I often get the question from Tok-ites and others alike, “So, what exactly do you DO in Tok?”

The question is not asking what is there to do, but people don’t actually know what my job is and that I’m working from Tok, not just living there. I’ve even heard of a few people who have said “Well, she doesn’t do anything but sit around the house all day. What is SHE busy with?”

So I thought I’d share with you what I actually do every day when I’m in Tok. I mean every weekday (since I’m not supposed to be working on weekends, right?)

Well, I run a global social media marketing agency that I founded originally in 2003 while still living in Wyoming. When I moved to Alaska in 2005, I got my Alaska business license to do business out of my home in Anchorage and began consulting clients in 2006 including The Foraker Group, Rasmuson Foundation, and UAA.

In January 2009, I brought on a business partner because I wanted to grow my single person consultancy into a business. This is my 3rd business that I’ve started. My business partner is based in Denver. She helped double our revenues last year. She’s brilliant! We renamed the company Conversify.

Today we have 8 core team members and another dozen ancillary consultants who we can work with on a per project basis. We work entirely virtually, and in fact, I haven’t met most of the people I work with face to face yet. They are located from Alaska to California to the UK.

Our clients still include The Foraker Group and Rasmuson Foundation but also include national and global companies and nonprofit organizations. Some of our recent clients include American Indian College Fund, Wine Sisterhood, Kasasa, and Knock Knock.

So what do I do all day?

After I take our 3-year-old to her incredible daycare provider, I am on the phone for 3-4 hours straight talking with team members, clients, potential clients, etc. On any given day I am developing social media marketing strategies for our clients. I’m also writing several blog posts for our clients or my own blogs (like this one); recording or editing podcasts (I produce several per week); manage our company’s marketing and social media efforts; keep up with my own social networking for business and still try to make time to do some pro bono work including some for Tok organizations such as Upper Tanana Imagination Library and Duct Tape Radio and Humanities Forum. I have also made donations to local organizations on behalf of my company.

This week, I’m teaching a webinar on Effective Web Sites for The Foraker Group and have to write about 10 blog posts including a new social media column I’ve been asked to start. And I have 4 podcasts to produce. And I’m writing and reviewing plans and proposals. I’m a little behind because of travel and family illnesses.

So I keep busy. And I do this all from my home office in Tok thanks to AP&T’s new faster Internet connections, my trusty MacBook, and my iPhone.

So…what do YOU do in Tok?

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  1. And can I just say, as a onetime Conversify employee… Aliza really works all! the! time!

  2. Karen

     /  February 16, 2010

    And I’ll say, as a current Conversify employee, that Aliza really does work all the time. I don’t know when she finds time to sleep.

  3. Alexander

     /  February 18, 2010

    Holy internet Batman!
    The mild mannered bloggermom is really a big time business tycoon!
    It just goes to prove that you never know who’s living in your own backyard.

  4. maryruth

     /  February 23, 2010

    I am looking to move to Tok soon. I have been wondering about what to do for work there. I am a writer and speaker. I know I can continue to write anywhere. What about speaking?

    I have an online friend I have been writing to about the area. I am looking for more info. Sounds like a great place.

    • I’d say there aren’t a lot of places to speak and not much of an audience except depending on your topic. There is the extension campus for University of Alaska Fairbanks where you could teach. No rotary. A few community groups but not if they have speakers. Only summer months are there meetings or events put on by Chamber or Lions club. There is a good writers group in town, and a book club. Maybe others might know of opps. Nearby, there are several villages but again, depends on your topics. And Delta is less than 2 hours away with a little more in the way of opportunities. Fairbanks is over 3 hours drive with lots more opportunities. I’m speaking soon in Fairbanks myself. Most of my speaking gigs are in Anchorage, 7 hours away.

  5. maryruth

     /  February 23, 2010

    Thanks for the info. I hope to make a trip up there this summer. Your blog will be one I read regularly now. I think it is a great resource.

  6. Aliza! Where and when are you speaking in Fbks? I’d love to come see you if it’s open to the public!

  7. This is the information I have so far:

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