A Trip to Fast Eddy’s

Once a week, we try to eat at Fast Eddy’s. Sometimes, it is an evening when we don’t feel like cooking – or doing dishes – and a hearty meal and getting out the house sounds like a good idea. Sometimes it is a weekend morning when we want something different for breakfast.

In the winters, the place is often quiet when we get there but we are still bound to run into someone we know. And the wait staff all knows us and are really nice. Overall, it is a treat, and we don’t just go there because we only have two restaurant choices in the winter.

Here are some pics from a drive to Fast Eddy’s earlier this month.

The first photo shows the ice crust building up on the car windshield because of the temperature difference between the outside and inside of the car. Any colder and the ice crust would start to form on the inside of the windshield. Luckily, I have a handy little scraper just for that.

What is your favorite eatery in YOUR town?

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  1. We drove to Alaska in our RV in 2008 and had several opportunities to eat at Fast Eddy’s. They make the BEST pizza, and breakfast was delicious to. We tell everyone we know who plan an RV trip to Alaska to be sure and stop there.

  2. LittleBird

     /  February 4, 2010

    How great to see you blogging frequently again. Speaking of eating, how does the cold affect your appetite? Do you and the family crave more comfort food, more calories? And do people stock up on food staples and where do you shop? We take it for granted in this mid sized mid-west city that we can pop over and get almost anything from an A & P to a Whole Foods and eat in many ethnic restaurants.

  3. Aliza what is the name of the other place..? Gosh its not in my head at the moment…. but that’s where we ate in Tok.. it was a good breakfast. I wanted to go to Fast Eddy’s cause I read about it on this blog.. but I lost!


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