Monday 25 Jan: Burchell Dancers return to Tok!

The Burchell Dancers are returning for a performance at the Tok School on Monday 25 Jan.

The schedule is as follows:

5:30pm dinner

6:30pm Show: History of Dance. Teens from workshops during the day will dance the Disco. Audience Participation during the 50’s and YMCA

8-9pm Teach and dance with adults after show.

We went last year a month after we moved to Tok and had a blast! We all got out on the dance floor with the dancers during the show when they called the audience down to the gymnasium floor. We may not make it this year because we’re all under the weather, however, if you do go…

Wear your dancing shoes!

Did you go last year? Have pics you want to share? Post a link to them here!

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  1. LittleBird

     /  January 25, 2010

    Dear Aliza,
    When you first started this very interesting blog a year ago, you posted every few days and even included some great Utube and audio links, and so you had a lot more comments too. And in particular when you wrote a very thoughtful blog like the one on the pros and cons of small towns, the large reader response and comments were great. Lately, however, weeks, even a month, can go by without a post and no followup either (like to the last on on the film festival) so readers could get feedback on an event or how things turned out. Why the change? Work demands greater – more travel on the road? Or perhaps just lost interest? Just wonderin’ 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment and questions! Just the demands of life, mostly.

      We’ve all been really sick the last few weeks (little one getting over pneumonia, husband with a possible recurrence of malaria contracted during travels, me with a bad sore throat and cold (I got off easy). We missed the film festival and will miss the Burchell Dancers this year which is too bad since we LOVE to dance as a family.

      Plus, my company is really keeping me busy every day. Working long hours and trying to spend non-work hours with my family and not on computer.

      This year, work will take me out of Alaska a lot. I welcome the travel but that makes it harder to attend events for followups and also makes time with family even more precious.

      Life calls but thank you for sticking around!

  2. LittleBird

     /  January 26, 2010

    So sorry that you’ve all been under the weather and hope you and family recover soon.
    Got interested in life in Tok after we made a stop there in our travels throughout Alaska and the Yukon this summer. It was very memorable as by chance we were the “Guests of the Day” at the Westmark and presented with balloons, candy, liquor, T-shirts with our pics and singing waiters at dinner. Hard to believe that huge place is now all shuttered up until May.
    Hang in there and get well and hope we’ll hear more about the adventure of living at 40 below !

  3. FellowBurchellDancer

     /  May 5, 2012

    I wish i was in this pic. from right to left-(tony, karl, tori, theresa, ??, in the back ??, ??, ron, katherine)i had fun going on this trip to tok it was alot of fun. the year i went was the 1st the group went to tok. 😀

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