CANnes Film Night at Fast Eddy’s! Jan 22

Notice from Mary Timm:

Don’t forget the upcoming film night at Fast Eddy’s on Jan 22. We’ll be showing 7 films from the Far North Conservation Film Festival in Fairbanks. Come have a fun evening, learn something new and support this film series.

Film Night is Friday, Jan 22. Come at 5:30pm to get a good seat and have a famous Fast Eddy dinner or snack before the movies begin. The films will start promptly at 6:30pm and should be finished by 9:30pm. The tentative film schedule is as follows:

6:30 Bottle This… a pictorial essay on the merits of drinking tap water over bottled water.

6:45 Plight of Puffin…off the coast of Iceland lies a unique stretch of isles; this film explains the impact of changing global seas on this unique island community.

7:00 New Environmentalist…portraits of seven “environmental heroes” who attempt to safeguard the Earth’s natural resources from shortsighted exploitation and unbridled pollution.

7:30 Kilowatt Ours…traces the wires from our light switches to mountain top removal, air pollution, childhood asthma and global warming.

8:00 Listen to the Ice… government scientists use historical photos from over a hundred years ago to examine the retreat of glaciers in Kenai Fjords National Park.

8:10 Attack of Sea Slugs… orange sea pens bring color to the cold stark landscape of the sub-tidal sand flats of the Puget Sound.

8:15 Woven Ways… shares the stories of five Navajo families, the land and livestock that sustain their culture and economy, and the environmental injustices that threaten their health and well being

Here’s where “CANnes” comes in…there is a requested donation of 1 can or package of food per person, to be donated to the Tok Helping Hands Food Bank. So get out of the house, have a fine meal, learn a little something, have fun and help those less fortunate. See you on January 22nd!

FREE National Wildlife Refuge poster for those who attend (1 per family, please.)

Call Mary Timm if you have any questions!

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  1. Definitely wish I could be there…some of those films sound wonderful! You will have to post and give a review on the night and how it goes!!

    Question on a long ago post that you did – Does Full Circle still deliver to you guys during winter?


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