Gettin’ Frosty in Tok!

Now we’re having the weather I remember from our first months here in Tok. Tomorrow – Winter Soltice – will also mark exactly a year that we’ve been here. Finally getting my “Tok Legs” which is an awful lot like sea legs. Takes a lot of getting used to, there are moments of unrest, and then it all feels like no big deal. Then you get out of Tok and realize once again how very different things are here, for better or for worse.

With cold, comes new anecdotes about the cold – things that may seem quite normal and typical to most Tokites, but believe me they are not normal or typical for many others. My latest fun Tok Winter Pics are of the frost and ice forming on the inside of our windows today. Keep in mind we have 12 inch thick walls and two layers of windows!

In my daughter’s room, we had lined all of her teddy bears on the window sill, and they were all stuck to the windows. After some tugging and a little bit of teddy bear fur left behind, all bears were wrapped in blankets (after the requisite teddy bear operations to minimize frostbite).

We’ve just ordered some wood for the first time and plan to light our wood stove for the first time as soon as the wood arrives. Now THAT will be cozy and warm.

How are YOU faring on this fine winter’s day?

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  1. Julie in Alaska

     /  December 21, 2009

    Just feeling like I could handle the cold here on the Kenai (much warmer than you have to cope with) and today it is 40 degrees above zero! Looks like rain. Hmmm.

  2. Nobuku

     /  December 28, 2009

    Talking about the indoor frost experience is precisely the kind of thing I look forward to reading about, especially since I’m in Southern California and totally clueless.

    Did you experience 24 hours of darkness and, if so, how many weeks does it last? I imagine you must feel like sleeping a lot during this time.

  3. carl

     /  January 1, 2010

    carl in southwest Ohio…I have been to Tok in Sep., but i would love to visit in the winter…Its 10 deg. above zero here today……Looking forward to the Iditarod…………..carl


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