I Want My Tok Karaoke

IMG_0505With the darkness coming more quickly by the day, I’m thinking of dusting off my Karaoke machine and getting ready for the long, cold winter with a little in-home Karaoke madness. Music soothes the sun-deprived soul. When we were living in Anchorage, I used to marvel at the wealth of public Karaoke options. We’d usually go to Al’s Karaoke Bar in our ‘hood.

Now I know that Tok has Karaoke but it always seems to be the best kept secret. I’ve heard it is every other Saturday but  Saturdays it is on or off. Looks like I need to start making some calls! I did make it to one Karaoke night that was fun but like in most places, Karaoke is an acquired taste and most people only do it after a large amount of alcohol consumption. I actually prefer to Karaoke without too many drinks. After two, I start really missing all the notes.

I’m fascinated with the Karaoke culture, that is, the culture of hardcore Karaoke fans. It’s a bit like RV culture – this strata of people who live a different kind of lifestyle by choice and being part of that group is like being a part of a secret club where you all know the secret handshake. Someday, I’m going to take an RV and travel the country in search of Karaoke. Maybe even enter a contest or two if I can really work up a good song.

Karaoke in a small town is quite different from Karaoke in the big city. First, you are usually competing with fewer people for your chance at the mic so you end up singing a little more often. Sometimes in Anchorage, I’d be lucky to get two songs in, and that was a 8pm, the moment the Karaoke DJ opened the mic. Another thing is that if you do Karaoke in a small town, the next day everyone – and I mean everyone – knows you did it and exactly what songs you sang. But that’s okay, I don’t mind it if folks in my community know I’m a Karaoke fanatic.

I’ll make a few calls, get the winter schedule for Tok Karaoke, and start plugging away with some Dido, Sarah McLachlan, Sheryl Crow, and a little bit of Shania Twain mixed in for good measure.

Do you Karaoke? What are your best songs or artists?

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  1. Hi Aliza,

    Just in case you grow tired of the local bars and KJs, you could always check out our site Lucky Voice Home, which allows you to stream thousands of songs online.

    I’d be happy to offer you a voucher code offering full access to our catalogue for a limited time if you wanted to try it out!


  2. Find a venue and get the word out, “Tokaraoke Tuesdays!”

  3. I think you needs some practice. There are many different karaoke companies who sell various instrumental versions of your favorite songs for you to sing with.

  4. bela

     /  October 1, 2009

    when did als alaskan inn become als karaoke bar?

  5. Whether you are singing in a bar or in your own living room, the standards are the best songs to start with. The reason for this is they are the easiest to sing. This type of music is usually pop songs and slow.

  6. It’s been a month since your last post…is everything ok? Passed through Tok at the beginning of October, thought of you and your produce truck…

  7. Yes, we’re fine! Visiting my folks right now. 3 year old getting some quality grandparent time. Back soon. Thanks for asking!

  8. Peter

     /  October 28, 2009

    Can’t wait to read new posts!

  9. Glad to hear all is well, looking forward to your return!

  10. Hello Aliza, really enjoyed reading your blogs. Ended up on your page by accident, glad I did, you hang in there your doing a fine job of getting some good info out. I fount you and I’m way down at the very tip of tx. for now that is. Never know maybe someday I’ll come to Tok. Ck out my offical music website at: http://www.boriversmusic.com If I ever do get to Tok, I’ll be sure to bring my guitar and sing a song for you. Stay warm…Best Wishes, Bo Rivers


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