Summer Is Dead. Long Live Summers in Tok.

IMG_0804Winter is here. At 20 degrees most of the morning, I know this is just a taste of what is to come, however, I’m already shivering. There was frost on the ground this morning. The rhubarb in the backyard garden are drooping, the peas are bitter. Luckily, the sun is out and bright now to warm the greenhouse and the hoards of green tomatoes, but we should really bring those in to ripen in the basement.

And as yet another sign of summer: the big orange produce truck is here today but gone for the rest of the year, not to return until next summer. Yes, the produce truck is here, and while I’m a new and loyal convert to Gene’s veggie truck, he doesn’t have fruit or a few other items that the big truck carries so I think you can get a nice supply of produce by frequenting both places.

The produce truck folks said they MIGHT be here tomorrow (Wednesday) morning as well – depends on how their supplies hold out after today.

Today, I picked up sweet onions, a bag of apples, some nice-looking plums, some large tomotoes and two acorn squash. I almost bought a few jalapenos to make homemade salsa and am still contemplating going back for those, however, that means lots of chopping work ahead, and this cold weather is making me feel so lazy.

How is the pending winter making you feel? How have you prepared for a winter without easily accessible fresh fruits and veggies?

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  1. Aliens In Tok

     /  September 17, 2009

    Call me weird, but I wish it was a little cooler. I got moose hanging in the smokehouse and cutting wood is more tolerable when it’s in the ‘teens or colder. I remember past falls when it got into the teens regularly. Snow’s a couple weeks away. Great. RIP Summer 2009!

  2. Julie in Alaska

     /  October 1, 2009

    My freezer has a lot of salmon in it (reds, from the Kenai), and greens I froze from the garden’s modest output. I also packed up all my tomotoes from the greenhouse into a brown paper bag, packed in newspaper, for ripening. Not sure how this will work out, as I don’t have a nice cool room for this. I brought a couple of my too-late habenero chile plants inside…they were an experiment (started too late) but I couldn’t bear to let them all die. Many lessons learned my first garden and greenhouse in AK!


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