Arts Bazaar in Tok

I have a lot of interest in an arts bazaar to showcase Tok-based artists (such as Ken Lisbourne – see image below) so will definitely work to help coordinate something. But won’t be able to get it done this week. While I was able to obtain permission to set up tables on the land around the big orange truck and did get confirmations from several artisans, I just don’t have the time at the moment to do the rest. But I’m truly committed to helping make this happen in the future so if anyone is planning another event and would like an art component, please let me know, and I’m happy to do the legwork with enough notice.

Ken Lisbourne

In the meanwhile, I’ve finally met Gene, the produce guy, who sets up his truck daily around 3pm-ish until around 5:30pm across from All Alaska Gifts. His produce is gorgeous, fresh and homegrown. We picked up some tomatoes and squash the other day and will frequent his truck more often now that we know he’s there. It is funny how one can be in such a small community and get mail every day via the same route and never drive past the road where he’s set up. So for anyone new to the area or just passing through, keep your eyes peeled for Gene and his produce!

What else is available here in Tok that is yet another “best-kept secret?” What other Tok businesses and artisans can we all better support?

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  1. Julie in Alaska

     /  August 18, 2009

    I love Ken Lisbourne’s work. I met him and his wife at the Native Arts and Crafts Festival at the last Fur Rondy in Anchorage. I have a wonderful print of his that I enjoy every day! Good luck with the arts effort.


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