Farmers Market, Flea Market in Tok?

I know people think Tok is really small, too small for much of anything of interest. How wrong they are. But one thing that Tok doesn’t have is a flea market or farmers market, and I’m thinking that might be a good thing to have, don’t you?

Just got back from Denver where my friend’s neighborhood association puts together a weekly farmers market during the summer months. That’s right – NEIGHBORHOOD. I can’t imagine her neighborhood has more people than Tok’s population, even if it is a Denver neighborhood.

The market featured a few fresh produce stands but consisted mostly of local businesses selling their wares. There were several bakeries, a winery (Bonacquisti Wines trucks in grapes from Grand Junction area – I tried their Syrah Grenache, and it was tasty), several homemade soap makers, special vinegars, a jam maker, eco products, a massage therapist giving free 10 minute sessions, a coloring station for kids, a jewelry maker, and a Thai restaurant stand.

Highland Farmer’s Market…

Highland Farmers Market

Jams at the Highland Farmers Market

Bonacquisti Wines Denver


Why can’t Tok have something like this? Folks could sell eggs, jams, baked goods, used books, excess from abundant vegetable gardens, essential oils, crafts, art. Local folks could play music. I know Delta Junction has one, but that’s quite a drive when we don’t have to leave here to get the same kind of thing.

The Big Orange Truck with California fruits and veggies will be here one more time this month. Wouldn’t it be fun to have everyone with something to sell set up their own tables and turn the lot next to the Husky into an impromptu marketplace? We’ve got so many sugar and snow snap peas and a ton of rhubarb that is still good. Heck, I could get really ambitious and make some rhubarb crisps. And we have several boxes of books we could sell or trade.

What do you think of a little flea/farmers market in Tok? Would you participate, and if so, what would you offer?

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  1. I agree with you 100%.
    I grew up with a market every weekend and really miss it. Even today I stop at every market i find along the way wherever I go.
    The problem seems to be to get someone who likes to tackle this and be in charge to set it all up.

  2. anon

     /  August 4, 2009

    It’s not free to use the site where the big orange truck parks; everyone will each have to pay a fee. Anyways, Tok already has something similar. You just have to know where to look (aka yardsales and the like). You havework a little harder to see it all without going to Delta, but then again the people in Tok are cheap enough and have a tough enough independant streak that we relish the challenge.

  3. Maggie – yes, I’d be happy to speak with the Orange Truck folks and see what it would entail. If they are paying for a certain amount of space, perhaps we can share it with them. If we each need to pay a fee, I can look into the costs via proper channels.

    I can personally approach folks I know who have things (eggs, crafts, art, essential oils), but will need everyone’s help getting referrals to people I don’t know who have things to sell. If anyone has recommendations, please let me know!

    Anon (by the way, I know who you are but appreciate the fact that you’d like to remain anonymous) – I’m happy to cover some of the fees to make it easy/affordable for others who cannot pay it. I just need to know how much that would be and see what I can afford to cover.

    I’m not doing this to make money for myself. I’m hoping by doing this, we can discover more about Tok talents and support one another. And selfishly, I just want to meet more local folks, support their businesses and art, and find things I need closer to home.

  4. m

     /  August 12, 2009

    call the Tok-a-tans –
    i think that their number is in the book.
    good luck. sounds awesome.


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