Needing a Babysitter in Tok

stock-bucketsandWell, all good things must come to an end, or so they say (whoever they are). Our wonderful full-time babysitter is moving so we have to find a new sitter by mid-June. So I’m putting the word out here (already discussed with said wonderful sitter) to see if anyone has any ideas.

My preference is in-home sitter in our home. This is the arrangement we had early on with our daughter before she was in full-time daycare in Anchorage. My work hours are 8am to 4pm so those hours are ideal but anything in between is also workable.

Second choice is in someone else’s home but they must have excellent references. We’ve had a few misses in that department so would be very careful about that.

Basic duties/responsibilities for caring for our almost 3-year old girl:

– attention, care and play (she loves books, jigsaw puzzles, coloring and painting, music and dancing, building castles with block, playing with dolls, playing make believe, and anything outdoors, especially if it involves dirt. Please no texting while watching her. Please do not ignore her – she thrives on interaction.

– some educational play (she knows her alphabet and numbers, colors and shapes, and is receptive to learning words and other things). Please no television but very limited viewing of “educational” videos okay (we can supply if needed).

– mealtime and naptime (If here, we’ve got plenty to prepare and if at someone else’s home, we can pack a lunch for her and she naps at least an hour in the afternoons. Our preference is very limited sugar.)

– potty training (we’re trying to be consistent with her but she needs very rigid structure to stay on track).

She’s a fun and funny kid and should be pretty easy to watch. She plays pretty well with others but may need a time out now and then.

We’re just looking for someone who will treat her like one of their own which means someone who has good values and a kind heart.

We pay the going rate but if someone is willing to sit in our home, we’ll pay extra. We’re amenable to someone with a child bringing them here to care for both children (but in that case, we wouldn’t pay extra).

Thanks for passing the word along.

P.S. Our babysitter said her home is for sale. Gorgeous home. Click to see photos/description here.

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  1. Oh man, we just went through this because all our part timer sitters moved out of state to attend college. I hope you find someone to baby sit though! I know how stressful it can be.


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