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To continue the conversation about finding things locally rather than taking business elsewhere, I thought I’d compile a list of the things I’ve been looking for and seeing if we’ve got it in Tok and I just don’t know it (or am asking the wrong people). Would love some input or suggestions!

1. A place to donate or trade in toddler clothing. I’m going to the Clothing Swap tonight at 6pm at Tok School with a bag full of 18-24 months girl clothing but am wondering if this is a regular event or another place I can bring clothes my daughter is outgrowing. I have heard there is a woman in town who takes lightly-used children’s items to provide to families in need. I’d like to connect with her as well.

2. Organic produce. I’m desperate for fresh, organic produce–fruits and veggies–or locally grown. (Yes, I know, grow my own. I’m getting started on that.)

3. Range-free eggs. I’ve heard folks do have chickens and will offer eggs for sale. When/where and how do I find that out?

4. Professional organizer. I’m looking to pay someone for a few hours of helping me set up and organize my home office. I was paying someone to help but they aren’t available any more. I’d like it to be someone who has done this professionally as I can use some guidance on setting up for efficiency and productivity.

5. Pedicures. It is summer! Where can one get a really good pedicure in Tok? (Yes, I know, do your own. Not the same.)

6. Blackout curtains. It is summer! Per comments on this post, Fred Meyers may be the place. Someone else said Loews has great supplies for these must-haves, particularly for the toddler. (Update: Found the perfect ones at Fred Meyer but they’re out of them as they switch over to a new style. Those should be in soon.)

These are just a few things that come to mind immediately. Fresh baked bread was on my list (along with the comment that yes, I know, I should bake my own) but just learned that Three Bears has a bakery and fresh bread. Now to find out the schedule and types of breads they bake!

Will report back with any solutions –or feel free to suggest some here– as well as the baking schedule at Three Bears!

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  1. Amber

     /  May 15, 2009

    Bed, Bath and Beyond down on Diamond here in town does do bush orders.

    I got my black out curtains from

  2. anon-a-licious

     /  May 15, 2009

    donate your clothes to the VFW, they have a thrift store. open every saturday 12-3.
    organics: check with francine lee
    eggs: francine, again.
    no one in town does nails, but someone in delta jct does.
    black out curtains: tok’s solution is tin foil. and no, i’m not joking.

  3. intok

     /  May 15, 2009

    Try Oldaker farm for eggs and bread and maybe fresh veggies as well. I believe their eggs are sold at Tok General Store also.

    The VFW takes clothing of all types and has a twice yearly sale which benefits the community through scholarships, children’s parties etc. They sent a large amount of clothing up to Eagle and it was the first goods arriving there after the flood. Fire victims and even people who get stuck in town (veterans, I think) are helped by the VFW also.

    Guess maybe I should share my very easy homemade bread recipe (courtesy of Mother Earth News) on my blog. This one takes maybe five minutes and makes a wonderful European loaf, crusty on the outside and soft and melty inside.

  4. I know it’s a long shot but here’s my friend Dee’s website she said to tell you to check out the NAPO website, that’s the national organizers site.
    Good luck!

  5. Teniah Howell

     /  May 16, 2009

    Definitely with the first commenter – check out Oldaker’s, they are a really wonderful family and they make a huge array of homemade items throughout the year (Cinnamon buns, bread etc…) It’s a great way to support the kids and their efforts too because the whole family helps!

    I’d call and ask Benita at Guy’s and Gal’s if she knows about a pedicure place – she may do it…she has a beautiful new facility behind the Napa Auto Parts

    You might try contacting either Katherine’s Sewing (I think her house is on C street, but not sure.) or I know that other folks in town sew as well – Maria Langden at the clinic sews – You might could offer to pay someone to make you some blackout curtains. I made mine and they worked fantastically. (There is a material shop in delta)

    I believe Francine has also begun a Full Circle Farm program at the Tok General Store for fresh organic fruits/veggies

    Don’t know if that helps, but good luck!

  6. Zed, Dee is an AWESOME professional organizer. In fact, she organized my home office in Anchorage but some of the systems she set me up with got lost in the translation of the move to Tok. Love her!

  7. intok

     /  May 17, 2009

    Oldakers just let me know they are not doing any of the farm business this year. Bummer.

  8. Just wanted to let you know that our website has recently been updated with a host of new volunteer opportunities for this coming summer! Please check it out at — OR you might like to join our group on Facebook!

  9. DrChill

     /  May 20, 2009

    Andy Mallon told me about your blogs.
    Blogging seems to be a good way for Alaskans to stay in touch.

    I follow some other AK blogs.
    One on rural Alaska:
    I wonder if you know of them.
    Andy’s friend,

  10. Ikea has black out shades. I hear they’re good, not sure if they deliver up them (some online items are store only).

  11. Denice

     /  June 3, 2009

    If the Oldakers are not doing eggs this year, check with the Herman family (Jeff is at forestry) they had chickens with other families.

    For the baby clothing lady, that is Chris Grangard (she is in the book). I hear she is a great resource for people with small children.

    Day care is an issue in Tok, expecially living on the cut-off (Neighbor 3 miles down). I say this as I have a house down from you, and grew up there. There are a few great people that work at the school and are out of a job in the summer. Maybe one of them would be willing to do some daycare. Good luck with that one!

    The people who lived at your home where very self sufficient (I am sure you have figured that one out). They only went to Tok a few times a week, and took advantage of the trips. I know she made homemade bread daily in her bread machine. I have one too (as we eat a lot and I do not like the frozen bread from the store, plus with 37 miles to go to the store kind of stinks!). With the battery bank a bread machine doesn’t eat too much energy (but this will soon be removed from the eqauation for us all!!!!).

    Good luck, & have a great summer. Denice


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