With Heat Comes Crime in Tok

They Made Me a Criminal
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The community is abuzz with the recent wave of crimes above and beyond the “usual occurrances” of public inebriation and driving while intoxicated. We’ve heard that there have been four burglaries in “town” that seem to be a too-early harbinger of summer.

I’ve been told by a number of people that the summer weather brings more than tourists and that we should watch out for a rise in crimes, particularly property-related ones. Transience can mean Tok becomes easy pickings on someone’s crime spree. Warm weather also brings out Tok’s youth and with limited outlets for their energy, boredom sometimes breeds mischief.

Here are details from the incident at the Tok General Store the Trooper “crime blotter:”

Case number: 09-29519

Type: Burglary

Text: On on 4/16/2009 at about 1100 hours, Alaska State Troopers responded to the Tok General Store following a report of burglary. Investigation revealed that someone forced entry into the store during the late night or early morning hours and stole several new cell phones, knives, and approximately six dollars in quarters. The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information should contact the Alaska State Troopers at 883-5111.

Author: FLW0
Received Thursday, April 16, 2009 5:16 PM and posted Thursday, April 16, 2009 5:19 PM

Some folks think this is the work of mischievous kids in the area.

What can we do as a community to help protect our businesses? Clearly a good security system is too costly for many small businesses. Keeping an eye out more vigilantly could be in order, like a community crime stoppers group. If criminals – or bored kids – think that we’re all watching, they’re less likely to carry out these crimes.

I don’t know how anyone else feels about it, but it seems to me that a crime against one person in a community is really a crime against the whole community.

What are your thoughts on or experiences with crime in Tok?

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  1. chuck

     /  May 5, 2009

    I’m thinking about buying property and building in Tok, but I cannot bear the thought of having yet another space which will be unoccupied for some of the year just waiting for some clown(s) to vandalize.

    I DO wish people would just respect private property and let people live in peace. Why is that so hard?

  2. intok

     /  May 7, 2009

    I checked with All Alaska and they were not broken into. Some kids were stopped by an employee at the door. I don’t know about A&J and Tok Mini-Mart, but I think you might be going back a couple of years on the A&J burglary.

    I know you aren’t a journalist per se, but breakins are burglaries, not robberies, and there is a considerable difference. I also hate to see incorrect information that is detrimental published about our community.

    Where else can you find a place where your kids are safe to go out on the bike path or 4 wheel to a friend’s home? And how many people in Anchorage or other larger communities leave their homes and cars unlocked as most residents here do?

    In Tok the “crimes” consist mostly of speeding and dui’s, and perhaps domestic violence or public disorderliness. As a former jail guard I know that the only real hard cases are picked up at the border.

    I also wish people would respect private property and let people live in peace. Almost everyone here does.

  3. Guardian Angels in Tok

     /  May 7, 2009

    Gee, in my 28 years around Tok, the only thing I’ve ever had stolen from my property was an old 55 gallon drum with some old varnished gas in the bottom. I come and go, and have been fortunate not having been broken into. Maybe it’s the sign at the head of my driveway, “NEVER MIND THE DAMN DOG- BEWARE OF OWNER” pointing a big gun, but I like to think it’s my guardian angels looking over me…

  4. Floh

     /  May 7, 2009

    Is anywhere in the world safe nowadays. đŸ˜¦

  5. Edward

     /  May 9, 2009

    There are not many safe places in the world anymore. I think these are occassional events in a place like Tok.

    I think one nice solution is a tight community and community watch. Everybody should protect everybody without going all the way up to a collective paranoia.


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