Full Circle Farm Coming to Tok

I heart organic produce
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While I was in Anchorage, I was hard-pressed to find fresh and varied organic produce in town. I’d toggle between our neighborhood Carrs and Fred Meyers and struggle to get to the Farmers Market during the summer – a rare moment when I could actually get there with weekend life getting in the way.

Then I heard about Full Circle Farm from both my naturopath and acupuncturist. At first, I was hesitant to “pay the extra money” to have my organic produce shipped up from Washington State, however, I eventually realized that:

a. I’d be providing my family with more fresh produce free from pesticides than I could otherwise;
b. The cost all evened out in the wash because I bought less bad produce at the supermarkets.

We ordered the small box twice a month so that was about $70 per month. We were able to specify things we didn’t want such as no garlic and no leafy lettuces (they inevitably showed up wilted). Then we could customize each box on the farm’s web site once they listed that week’s produce selection.

Getting each box was like Christmas. The array of vegetables and fruits was delightful. I’d end up making stews and stir fries with the veggies and eat the fruit like candy every day.

Before moving to Tok, I called Full Circle Farm to see if they could ship to Tok.

“Where’s Tok?” the woman asked on the other end of the phone.

“South of Fairbanks. Very south,” I said.

“It doesn’t show up on our map,” she replied. “But we do deliver to Fairbanks.”

I debated about ordering a monthly box and shlepping up to Fairbanks to get it.

The other day, I got a call from Mariah, my daughter’s babysitter. She said she had been speaking with Full Circle Farm and was thinking about being the Tok drop off/pick up point for the produce boxes and was I interested.

“Absolutely!” I exclaimed and told her how much we loved the Full Circle Farm produce.

If you’re in Tok or nearby and are interested in ordering from Full Circle Farm, contact Mariah at mljohnson0100 AT hotmail DOT com. (replace AT with @ and DOT with . – trying to avoid the spammers!)

Update: Drop off location is now Tok General Store. Contract Francine for details.

I hear there is also someone in town with fresh eggs. I’d love to know more!

And thanks to Denise who commented on this blog to mention Glacier Valley CSA, a local Community Supported Agriculture project.

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  1. Aimee

     /  March 23, 2009

    Another option that I did for getting my organic fix while living in the bush was to order through organicalaska.com The woman who runs the website actually orders everything from azure standard (azurestandard.com), which is based in Oregon. They have a massive and I mean massive selection of organic everything.

    You should check both websites out.

  2. Floh

     /  March 26, 2009

    Even when i lived in London over 10 years ago, where there are plenty of organic veg outlets, i would have one of them make up a small box weekly. it’s the way to go. and in the frozen north, what a wonderful appeal it must be. enjoy your spoils, all! {waves}

  3. After i post this comment i’m checking this out!
    I live in Fairbanks and still don’t like the produce selection we have here!

  4. Erin

     /  April 3, 2009

    Oh, I love our FCF box. We just got one today. The place where I work just became a pickup location here in Fairbanks, which is great. Enjoy your delicious fruits and veggies!


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