Martial Arts Classes in Tok

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There are several martial arts classes that are going to be offered in town by Ian Felkins. You can sign up Thursday or Friday evening this week at the Tok School gym at 5:30pm. From what I’ve heard, classes will be free.

The tentative plan is that classes will be divided as follows:

  • 4th grade through 8th grade;
  • 9th grade to adults; and
  • “partners” meaning a parent or guardian and a child

The number of people who sign up will determine the number of classes and days offered. The schedule will be determined by what is best for the people who sign up.

I’ve heard that people were disappointed when the previous martial arts classes were canceled so hopefully they’ll get a lot of sign ups.

Are you or someone you know interested in taking martial arts? Make sure you sign up!

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  1. anon

     /  March 18, 2009

    It’s Felkins. Not falcon. Felkins.


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