2009 Upper Tanana Migratory Bird festival – Save the Date!

birdshirtFrom Mary Timm, Tetlin NWR:

The 2009 Upper Tanana Migratory Bird festival is just around the corner, so mark Sat. May 16 on your calendar.

This year’s theme is “Birds in Culture.” Below, you can read about how this year’s design/logo was created


IMBD 2009 Art
Artist Andy Everson has completed a first draft of the IMBD 2009 art. The piece features 8 bird species and is a “tessellation,” a design with non-overlapping, repeating images that form a pattern.


Indigenous Peoples, such as the Navajo, frequently used repeating patterns in their weavings, pottery, and baskets. Many of their designs came from plants, animals, the land, and the sky. Tessellations are common in other cultures, and some of the earliest examples are found in the mosaics of Ancient Mesopotamia that date back to 3000 BCE.

Check out the web site at www.birdday.org for more information.

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  1. Neat! I should venture up your way at that time. We’ll see how work goes.


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