A Little Mountain Goat Stew

img_0749Got out the crock pot to make a meal yesterday. Chopped up organic veggies that I picked up at the Safeway in Fairbanks while we were there over the weekend. Then went to the freezer to see what meat I should add.

Picked a package of mountain goat stewing meat. Yes, mountain goat. And I have to tell you, I much prefer mountain goat to moose or caribou although caribou does come in a second.

“So where did you catch this mountain goat?” I asked, kidding around with my husband since I know the proper way of saying it isn’t “catch” a mountain goat but “harvest” or simply “get.” (Note how hunters do not say kill, murder, bump off, etc.)

“I can’t tell you,” he said, looking up from his bowl of mountain goat stew.

“What? Why not? I want to put that into my blog,” I said.

“Exactly. Hunters never reveal where they hunt,” he replied.

Interesting. And I thought he was just being secretive because his wife is a blogger.

What is your wild game preference: mountain goat, caribou, moose or…?

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  1. So far my favorite has been moose. My dad’s spaghetti with ground moose is superb.

  2. This food looks exactly as Scouse though. I think it’s tasty-looking.


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