Getting All Social in Tok

dscn0115Before we left for a 2-week stay in Anchorage, we had our first dinner party. Before our daughter was born, we used to have people over to our house for dinner fairly often. Then we became parents of a newborn, and “socialize” was not part of our vocabulary for a while.

I was excited to plan an easy dinner of moose meat tacos with all the fixings and asked that people bring things. My husband put an invitation into everyone’s mailbox at his office, and I handed out a few invites to people I’d only recently met. Someone joked (at least I think they were joking) that we should just put up a couple of fliers on the local bulletin boards and invite everyone.

At one point in the planning process, my husband asked to see my guestlist.

“Some of these people probably don’t know each other,” he said. “They most likely don’t even socialize with one another.”

That was the point, I told him.

We had a lot of people show up for our first shindig, and I paid the 13-year-old son of one of my husband’s co-workers to hang out with the under 5 crowd (all girls). He was terrific with them.

During the party, we recounted the comment my husband made about the “diverse” guest list.

“I call it ‘Strategic Party Hosting,'” I said, and everyone laughed. People commented to us on several separate occasions that evening that they really enjoyed meeting new people in Tok.

Who knew that I’d be bringing people in a small community together to meet one another for the first time? Chalk that up to my social networking background, I guess.

I look forward to our next dinner party and to really connecting with our neighbors as well as connecting them with each other.

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  1. Well done! Congratulations on your social success!

    I guess people tend to think of a place like Tok as a “Little House on the Tundra”, with everyone the best of friends and chipping in when somene’s fence is trampled by lunatic caribou.

    The reality is probably that people are the same everywhere–basically good, just a little wary of others. Or maybe they’re introverts like me, who don’t mind socializing but never initiate it.

  2. Moose Meat?!?! Awesome….

  3. What fun! You are bringing the world together one moose meat taco at a time:) I love it!


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