Events from Tetlin Refuge

dscn0065Got notice of several events at Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge that are open to the public.

Friday, Feb. 13 will be the 3rd annual CANnes Film Festival at Fast Eddy’s @ 6pm. Admission is one can of food to be donated to the Helping Hands Food Bank. All of the films are from the Fairbanks Far North Film Fest held every November.

Feb 13 – 16 is the Great Backyard Bird Count. This is an easy way to get into bird counts. Check out the website at or call Mary Timm for more information – 883-9419.

If you have a Tok event you’d like to have listed on this site, just send it to babyfruit AT gmail DOT com or drop to my PO Box.

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  1. So, you could have a date night. Dinner at Fast Eddy’s and a movie.
    What’s the weather like in Tok in mid February?

  2. Katie

     /  February 14, 2009

    I’ve noticed the updates have slowed down. Have we seen all the stuff that can happen in Tok? Surely there must be more happenings there than what you’ve posted – otherwise, why would anyone want to live there?

  3. We’ve been in Anchorage for 2 weeks & I’ve been juggling a sick toddler, stocking up at the stores, seeing friends, meeting with clients and vendors. We’re headed back to Tok shortly & I have a slew of updates that are long overdue!

  4. Jan

     /  February 16, 2009

    Hope you have tried the blueberry pancakes at Fast Eddy’s. The pizza is excellent to.

    We were there last summer in our RV, stayed in Tok three times (going to and from Fairbanks, then another time for a trip to Chicken).

  5. Hi! Couldn’t resist this blog. I lived in Fairbanks for three years before moving back to Montana, where I’m from. Miss the aurora, miss other things as well. It’s so civilized in Montana!

    I’m responding to more than one post here, because so many caught my eye. This one w/the photo of Fast Eddie’s because it’s where hubby and I used to stop for any food in Tok. Re: the above comment about a date: is there now a movie theater in Tok? Seems remote.

    My most memorable meal at FE’s was in July 2006 when I was pregnant; we’d just traveled to Chicken and Dawson, and had camped on the way back. It was SO COLD in the early morning that I convinced hubby to leave camp early and trek into Tok to be the first customers there for breakfast.

    I would indeed be creeped out by 30 degrees above zero weather in February.

    Finally, are you also the blogger who has forty-someshit, or…? I found you by following links from that site.

    Thanks, fun to see photos from Tok. I love the one of the junk yard/front yards that one sees around there.

    • yep, we’re trying to get something going on the 40-some$*%# blog for my old roommate who is pitching a new TV series for and about women in their 40s.


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