Happenings in Tok – Week Jan 26, 2009

img_0413What I really love so far about Tok is how welcoming people are and how they reach out to new folks. That can be quite typical of small towns but not always the case. Tonight, for example, we’ve been invited over for dessert and “stories of Alaska” by one couple. Then I’m joining several other women at the local bar for Karaoke Night – a girl’s night out.

I also received several notices in the mail – as well as saw a few events advertised on the Three Bears bulletin board, one of two bulletin boards that are the hubs of marketing for the community. Here is a sampling of some of the upcoming events.

Monday, Jan. 26 – 5:30pm-6:15pm – Pot Luck at the Tok School with a dance show starting promptly at 6:30pm. The Burchell Dancers will present the “History of Dance” including the Waltz, Tango, Cha Cha, Swing and Disco.

Friday, Jan. 30 – 3:00pm-5:00pm at the Tok Lions Clubhouse, an open house style presentation about the planned Tok Alaska Public Lands Information Center (APLIC) followed by a 5:00pm-6:00pm presentation. Snacks will be served.

The Spring 2009 Local Course Schedule for the University of Alaska Fairbanks (Tok Center) offers a variety of classes ($134 per credit for 100 and 200 level courses).

  • Introduction to Traditional Crafts-Skin Sewing and Quill Applique. This class will teach students how to do skin sewing with moose hide along with porcupine quill and bead applique.
  • Introduction to Business.
  • Computer Business Applications.
  • Digital Photography.
  • Fundamentals of Oral Communications.
  • Plumbing Level II.
  • Residential Electrical.
  • Emergency Trauma Training: First Responder
  • Medevac Escort
  • Healing the Body with Vibration. Instructor Sheila Hay, LMT, CS, CR, RM, BCRS has a therapeutic massage business in Tok.
  • Reiki Master Attunement.
  • Healing the Body’s Energy Centers.
  • Birds of Alaska.
  • Animal Adaptations to Cold Climates.
  • Caribou Hair Tufting.

I’ve been asked if I might be interested in teaching some Internet courses and think that would be fun. Just getting settled. Will see when the next courses will be offered.

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  1. Txvoodoo

     /  January 25, 2009

    Would the digital photog class be customized to include “how to keep your camera working in heinously cold temps”? 😉

    I think it’s great there’s all this going on there. Were I you, however, I’d be tempted to hiberate till June!

    • Speaking of cold and cameras, I bought my hubby a fantastic Canon digital camera. One of his lenses locked up. He called Canon and they said that the lenses work down to only 30 degrees. NOT -30 degrees! He was able to send it in to get fixed on warranty, thank goodness. And also thank goodness I didn’t let him take our expensive DV Panasonic camera out on New Years Eve when it was -50+!

  2. I think you should do the pot luck and the history of dance. Puh-leeze! What else do you need? Sounds like a good cultural evening to me:)

  3. Jan

     /  January 26, 2009

    Love reading your bolg about life in Tok. We stopped overnight in Tok, last September, driving from Copper Center to Fairbanks. Had driven the more direct route and wanted to see what it was like in Tok. Have thought a lot about Tok, ever since, so your blog is just what interests me! It is so fun to read about a remote place that I have been.Thanks for doing it, and best of luck settling into life in Tok.


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