Alaska Chilly Dogs

The NPR Day To Day blog posted a little something about cold weather attire and my dogs…

…One characteristic Aliza Sherman Risdahl shares with many Los Angelenos, however, is that she has a Chihuahua. He can’t go out in air that resembles dry ice, but his brother the Lab can…


For those who are curious, here are the canines in question! (yes, gratuitous doggie pics)

No, this is not official Tok cold weather attire...

No, this is not official Tok cold weather attire...


Nor does this qualify as winter protective gear...


Frosty whiskers from his first day in Tok cold...

Travel companions en route to Tok. Little did they know...

Unsuspecting travelers en route to Tok. Little did they know...

Feel free to share links to your “dogs in the snow/cold” pics. I’m a sucker for gratuitous doggie pics.

Doggie fashions by 2-year-old

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  1. Zed

     /  January 13, 2009

    Just go watch the Iditarod start. You can pick up myriad doggie booties right there on the street! Sometimes they fly into your face if you’re close enough. lol
    Does the chiwawa have a heat lamp? Heated dog bed?

    • It is very warm in our house so the Chi just snuggles in his bed, typically burrowing under some blankets. He’s quite cozy and content although I’m sure he is looking forward to sunlight streaming into the house. “Doggy Beach!”

  2. some questions for those of us in the warm weather ares like Chicago. No, I never thought
    I would say that.

    How is the house heated? wood stove, oil, gas. Electric? What the heck happpens if you lose power?

    What does your house cost to heat, wow that must be incredible at minus 50.

    I know your child is to young but what do the teen agers do for fun when it is that cold.

    good luck


  3. I just have to say I am loving your blog. I love you giving us readers a play by play of small town life in frigid Alaska. I’m now checking in every day to see what is going on up there!

  4. Thank you so much for checking in. Talk about pressure to post! Will try to keep things fresh and updated…

  5. Here’s Juju in record Portland, Oregon snow!

  6. Is there a sports team I can follow in Tok or get like a replica jersey of some sort?

    If not, I’m making one. You guys need a lefty with a horrible fast ball (and beer belly) and absolutely no control? I probably could pitch for the Mariners…

  7. Great pics Aliza! You should check out

    It’s a new online community for pet lovers and their pets., is having a photo contest with a daily prize of $25 and a weekly prize of $125, totaling $300-a-week for the cutest pet photos (voted by users).

    Check it (and stay warm!)

  8. John

     /  January 13, 2009

    Oh boy it’s another outsider complaining about the cold. Next thing you’ll be ranting about is how hot it is in Tok this summer. 😛

  9. Gratuitous dog photos? Yes please!

    Snow Dog

  10. Txvoodoo

     /  January 14, 2009

    Aliza, this is as much snow as we get down here – and my dogs resent it HIGHLY 😀


  11. Hello again

    I do not have a doggy snow pic, and my parakeet has resisted all efforts to play in the fluffy stuff, but I did come across this video you might like..


  12. Thanks for answering some questions and chatting on the radio here in Grand Forks this afternoon. It was very interesting to get the perspective of someone living in a more formidable environment than ours! It’s nice to be asking the (sometimes) annoying questions about cold weather for once!

    Stay warm…Cheers!

  13. AWESOME! Thanks for the puppy pics! They’re adorable!

  14. Martina

     /  January 15, 2009

    I have enjoyed reading your blog about Tok. I have a friend that lives there and have often wondered what his life is like. I had an opportunity to go with him but for health and financial reasons, I turned him down. That extreme cold is not good on asthma and I’m an interior deocrator and florist & didn’t see those on the Chamber list of businesses so I wondered what on earth I would do for a job.

    When I send flowers there, the nearest florist is 107 miles away in Delta Juction. Which brings me to the next question: (I apologize if for some this may seem morbid). As a florist of 20 years, I am in and out of funeral homes a lot, I don’t see a listing for a funeral home either. With towns so far away from each other, what do they do when someone passes away?

    I also wonder about the food…with stores being far and few between, is the food healthier and organic because it’s local or is it processed and trucked in to last longer in rural areas?

  15. Ooh! I’m a sucker for posting dog pictures. In December, we got a little bit of snow (OK, a small flurry) here in South Texas. This was literally a once-in-a-lifetime accumulation.

    Texas Hounds in the Snow.

  16. Kim

     /  September 21, 2009

    Hey —

    Can you tell me what commercial airlines fly into Tok? It seems you are small enough I can’t figure that out via Web


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