Errr…This is Also How People Dress in Tok

I thought I was going to see some ridiculously extreme outerwear in this video, but this is the stuff everyone here in Tok wears, too. I recognize those white boots. Gotta ask where they got them.



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  1. Duncan Moon

     /  January 2, 2009

    Those white boots are called “Bunny Boots” and they are legendary in AK. They are military surplus boots and they are unbeatable in the deep cold – and because they are completely sealed inside and out, you can get them wet inside (e.g, if you stepped into some deep overflow on a lake), dump them out and put them back on immediately.

  2. bobi

     /  January 3, 2009

    B&J’s on Northern Lights & Cst is the place to buy clothing for seriously cold conditions. Plus, they are super nice guys.

  3. Here in Fairbanks you can buy them at the military surplus store on S. Cushman and maybe at Big Ray’s. My husband swears by Bunny Boots, and he works outside in this weather. I wear Baffin Expedition boots, because I like them better, and I don’t spend as much time outside. Stay warm!

  4. Don Lyons

     /  January 10, 2009


    I want those boots! Lol, it 30 degrees here in NJ with a little snow and has to make me laugh that we get scared with -10 wind chill factors!

    Great blog/website here and if you all sound like such great people! You have new friends here in Freehold NJ, so let’s keep in touch and see if we get you out to NJ sometime soon!

    Best Regards,


  5. Far Out

     /  January 11, 2009

    I got a love/hate relationship going with bunny boots for the past 28 years. First of all, they’re so dang clunky that yer legs get sore if’n you have ta walk anywhere in them more than to the liquor store and back. Second, yer socks eventually fall down, and the hair on yer shins gets rubbed off permanently. That’s how Alaskans can tell each other on the beach when they go to Hawaii. Third, they make you so tall when you wear ’em that you bonk yer head on the top of the door going in and outta the cabin. That said, if there was one boot I’d wanta be stranded with out in the ‘toolies at -40 below, it’d hafta be them dang bunnies. Can I get a ‘AMEN’ out there?

  6. Let us not forget what the pro mushers often wear: Stegers. These are very very comfy , keep your feet very warm, and you can run in them. Check ’em out!


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