What To Do in Tok When It is Nearing 50 Below Zero

Here is an example of what kids do in Tok when it is too cold to go outside…


Here’s an example of what grownups should NOT do when it is nearing 50 below…


…that is, don’t leave your wine stash in the pickup truck outside in the winter in Tok…

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  1. Kay

     /  December 31, 2008

    Don’t know where you posted about dry, cracking skin–but I learned from a Sourdough to use Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil, Cold Pressed, First Cold Pressing for face–cleansing, put on a little olive oil and then clean off with hot wet washcloth. Moisturize with a little olive oil. Works wonders. On top can go creamy vaseline, zinc-based face cream, etc.
    For feet, Bag Balm is the ultimate.
    Stay soft!

  2. Ugh, that picture makes me sad. That is alcohol abuse…pure and simple.

    • Yeah, abuse but not neglect. We salvaged every one of those bottles, recorked them, and are enjoying them on our cold winter evenings.


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