Big Breakfasts at Fast Eddy’s

The buzz around town is that the only place to eat is Fast Eddy’s. Of course, it isn’t the ONLY place to eat. There is one other place – The Grumpy Griz Cafe. But supposedly they allow smoking. And you get more for your money at Fast Eddy’s. That’s just the word on the street. I’ll check it out for myself at some point. But until then, I have to agree you get a lot of food for your money at Fast Eddy’s!





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  1. I grew up in Tok and no all the secrets! Fast Eddy for example used to be this tiny pizza place next to Husky Lounge. They have the best prime rib ever. Also for sledding have you discovered the grave pit behind the airport fun times!

  2. Tom Dugan

     /  January 11, 2009

    Great stories! I am new to following your blog but I am interested in hearing more about yours and the Howell’s adventures. How about a blog on stupid things that people have done or funny things that you can do in -80 degree temps ? (i.e. body parts sticking to things, ice accidents, etc.)

    • Tom – Everyone keeps asking me if I’ve done any experiments yet in the cold. A popular one is taking a cup of hot water outside and throwing it into the air – it immediately turns to steam. But that one was already done in Antarctica! I link to it from this blog. Right now we’re staying warm. Maybe in a few weeks we’ll be feeling more daring & creative with the cold!

  3. Enjoying your commentary on my home town..

    Did you know there is a Tok song based on the expression “If you can’t take a joke, don’t move to Tok.”?


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